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Consumer-focused Websites.

Our approach to Web site design and development begins with an analysis of your customers' behavior and motivations. We define customer segments, intentions and goals and merge this information with your business requirements to create a strategy that impacts both. This perspective enables us to provide relevant content and a rewarding interactive experience—qualities that help capture and hold a customer's attention. Finally, our flexible technology platform and analytics allow you to dynamically adjust your site in response to changing customer demands or market conditions. Learn more about our services or Contact us for a consultation!


Intranet & Extranet Consulting

Intranet & Extranet Consulting.

In today's information-driven economy, an organization's competitiveness is based as much on how it uses technology as it does on traditional differentiators such as product quality, employee talent, marketplace reputation and operational efficiencies. We use best practice, user-centered design methodologies to design and extend company intranets, partner extranets, digital dashboards, enterprise portals, eTraining sites and knowledge management systems so they give you a distinct competitive advantage. Our successful track record with leading companies enables us to provide you with actionable insights into what really works. In addition, we have the technology capabilities and partnerships to ensure that we can bring these insights to life in a timely fashion while maximizing your ROI and minimizing the total cost of ownership.Learn more about our services or Contact us for a consultation!


Consumer-based Websites

Interactive Marketing.

While most marketers approach the Internet as a broadcast vehicle, we see it as a powerful channel for managing customer relationships. It enables you to personalize communications with your customers, ensuring that your messages reach the right audience through the right media. It allows you to develop meaningful dialogues over time, deepening your relationship with each interaction. Our user-centric approach to interactive marketing puts customer needs and goals at the core of every campaign or solution we design whether it's online advertising, e-mail or search engine marketing. And, more than ever before, the online channel allows you to track your performance. Through sophisticated data modeling and analytics, you can continually optimize your channels and creative approach to achieve extraordinary results.Learn more about our services or Contact us for a consultation!


Online Shopping Carts & more!

Why do we shop? The answer varies, and does even more so when considering why we shop online. Our research into the psychology of online shopping reveals the importance of providing the right experience for customers. But first, and maybe more importantly, we must understand our customers.

We've identified four essential types of transactional behavior: recreational, functional, surgical and experienced customers. Combining behavioral insights with situation-specific information helps us build online retail environments that provide the best customer experience, maximize interactivity at all stages of the process and work in concert with your other channels.Learn more about our services or Contact us for a consultation!


Enterprise Hosting

Enterprise Hosting

Our client websites are hosted in a state-of-the-art datacenter with a fully redundant 100Mbit Internet connection to insure your online presence is always be available. Our servers are monitored 24 hours a day via a dedicated monitoring network and comes with award winning 24/7 customer support.Learn more about our services or Contact us for a consultation!